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I am getting to the point in life where my main concern is the exploration and the making of new art (as it always has been).  I am still doing shows, but would like to not do as many custom pieces (these still can be fun under the right circumstances).

The picture below taken at Fort DeSoto Park near St. Petersburg, FL is an example of some of the source material I am considering using.  Of course, there will most likely be some kind of recognizable object in these pieces, some way, somehow!

Maybe one of the new visual sources for new work.  

The Gallery in Lively Downtown Lucas, Kansas is open whenever I am here.  If I am not here, the Grassroots Art Center (one block south of the studio and gallery) will be happy to let you in.  If they make a sale, they get a cut – we both win; and YOU are the ultimate Winner, as you will have a Wunnerful Piece of Porkelaineous Delight – OR – you could even have one of the new non-clay series, the Three Dimensional Drawings!

The Three Dimensional Drawings are also on exhibit at the Flying Pig Gallery.

PS – – Someone asked why I didn’t mention my time at Pittsburg State University (in Pittsburg, Kansas) in the late seventies.  That was some time ago and still a bright spot in my career!  That was a great time for exploration and learning about Clay, Art and Life!  I saw Marge Schick (the metals prof there who makes the most incredible work – she had a big spread in American Craft several years ago) a couple of years ago when she came up to the Beach Museum in Manhattan, Kansas for her artist’s talk during her one person show there.  So much has happened since then, that it is difficult to include everything!

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