A little Weather

Ceramics Crash at Art Show

2011 Ponca City, Oklahoma Art Festival

Two pictures that tell a great deal about the story of the great disaster last September at the Ponca City Art Festival.  A 70 MPH wind with an inch and half of rain destroyed about 90% of my work.  The lower is being awarded a prize in Sculpture.

I felt like I never wanted to do an outdoor show again; but have now done six shows since November.

Award at Ponca City Art Festival

Award third place in sculpture at the Ponca City Art Festival

 I have not quite recovered from this
event.  I did buy a new tent and have used it several times.  It takes about an hour and a half to set it up, so this year I have been
using a cobbled together EasyUp that is much
faster to put up. The frame is an old steel one
that is/should be durable.  The frames in the
new EasyUps are aluminum and are very
fragile and are easily destroyed in just normal
use, not to say anything about wind and such.

I feel that I want to be the judge of when and if
I quit doing these shows – not outside forces.


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