Summer Shows

"Eric Abraham with his 1948 Crosley at Pecos Monument in New Mexico - 1955""Eric Abraham with his 1948 Crosley at Pecos Monument in New Mexico - 1955"

“Eric Abraham with his 1948 Crosley at Pecos Monument in New Mexico – 1955

It has been a while since I updated this blog – - -
I have mostly been working getting new work made and exploring new avenues of thought and work.

I exhibited at the Wichita Book and Art Fair in May and the Mulvane Mountain/Plains Art Festival at Topeka, Kansas and the Smoky Hill River Festival at Salina, Kansas in June.

At the Smoky Hill River Festival, I was listed as “Ceramics, Mixed Media” and exhibited some of my Illustration Board, Glass, and Wire pieces.  I was pleasantly pleased when the four Judges awarded me Second Place in the show!  This is a high quality show and was quite an honor!

The sales out the Flying Pig Gallery ( my gallery here in Lucas) have been quite good.

I did have to buy a “new” car in January as the PigMobile died like the One Horse Shay on the way back from Topeka to Lindsborg.  The transmission as well as several other things died all within 100 miles. I bought a 2003 Pontiac Montana mini-van with 123,456 miles on it. I have now had it for seven months and it has been doing quite well with a trip to Florida and many trips to various nearby places.  This vehicle has much more room than the old PigMobile – and four doors plus the hatch!

And it is, for some reason, starting to sprout Flying Pigs all over it.

I had cataract surgery in April and one eye is doing quite well and is bright and cheery.  The other is all brown and fuzzy.  When I feel cheerful I close the brown and dull eye and look at he world in a clear and bright manner.  If I feel down, I open the other and bemoan my fate with the brown and dull eye.  Quite a contrast. I am thankful for Medicare!

I will return to Ponca City for the Ponca City Art Center’s annual Art Festival on September 14,15 − 2013.

I will post other shows as I am accepted.  I plan to apply for about three shows in Florida over the Winter.  And I will do my residency in January at the Red Barn Studio in Lindsborg again and then go back to Florida for another possible show or two.

Currently I am getting work ready for firing  next week.  I hope to get one more kiln load out before the middle of October. This load will have five Porcelain, Glass, Illustration Board and mixed media pieces as well as more of my traditional works.





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First Flush

This is the Lucas Bowl Plaza. Our new public restroom which looks like a toilet.  I did the “Drain” in the seating area with all the things people have dropped down the toilet.  There is even a little dog drinking out of the “toilet”.

The four people who performed the First Flushes, won this honor through auctions; two silent auctions, one on eBay, and a live auction on June 2. All the proceeds went to help fund the Bowl Plaza.

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New Drawings

Cool Cars Attract Cool Chicks! - - Enid, Oklahoma, September 1953

Cool Cars Attract Cool Chicks! – - Enid, Oklahoma, September 1953

I am back from Florida, with a few pieces I completed there using stained glass techniques on my 3-dimensional drawings. This is Illustration Board, Glass and Wire
and mixed media – titled:

“Cool Cars Attract Cool Chicks!  – - Enid, Oklahoma, September 1953″   13″x25″x6″  Illustration Board and Glass  $650.

I have now several of these. I exhibited three of these type drawings at the Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina last June where I won Second Place!   I made this piece last March while in Florida. It was sold at the Kansas City Art Institute’s Alumni Auction last June.

“Kansas City Art Institute Party (late 1920”s) – - – All GREAT Artists – - -
That’s Teddy Larson squeezing Fern”
That was the caption on the back of my mother’s picture I used for this piece.
(Teddy Larson ran the Tea Room at KCAI in the twenties and thirties and Fern became my mother several years later.)

Illustration Board, Glass, Wire and mixed media – - c 48” width.


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Upcoming Art Fairs and Shows



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A little Weather

Ceramics Crash at Art Show

2011 Ponca City, Oklahoma Art Festival

Two pictures that tell a great deal about the story of the great disaster last September at the Ponca City Art Festival.  A 70 MPH wind with an inch and half of rain destroyed about 90% of my work.  The lower is being awarded a prize in Sculpture.

I felt like I never wanted to do an outdoor show again; but have now done six shows since November.

Award at Ponca City Art Festival

Award third place in sculpture at the Ponca City Art Festival

 I have not quite recovered from this
event.  I did buy a new tent and have used it several times.  It takes about an hour and a half to set it up, so this year I have been
using a cobbled together EasyUp that is much
faster to put up. The frame is an old steel one
that is/should be durable.  The frames in the
new EasyUps are aluminum and are very
fragile and are easily destroyed in just normal
use, not to say anything about wind and such.

I feel that I want to be the judge of when and if
I quit doing these shows – not outside forces.


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Currently at the Flying Pig Gallery

“Pig Trophy” Ht: 21”
Porcelain – $600.

The Flying Pig Gallery will have a nice selection of work to view and buy.

The piece below:  “Cow Trophy for the Admirer of Fine Cows”  Ht.: 30”
Porcelain, mixed media.  $750.

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Welcome to the Eric Abraham blog/philosophy page!

I am getting to the point in life where my main concern is the exploration and the making of new art (as it always has been).  I am still doing shows, but would like to not do as many custom pieces (these still can be fun under the right circumstances).

The picture below taken at Fort DeSoto Park near St. Petersburg, FL is an example of some of the source material I am considering using.  Of course, there will most likely be some kind of recognizable object in these pieces, some way, somehow!

Maybe one of the new visual sources for new work.  

The Gallery in Lively Downtown Lucas, Kansas is open whenever I am here.  If I am not here, the Grassroots Art Center (one block south of the studio and gallery) will be happy to let you in.  If they make a sale, they get a cut – we both win; and YOU are the ultimate Winner, as you will have a Wunnerful Piece of Porkelaineous Delight – OR – you could even have one of the new non-clay series, the Three Dimensional Drawings!

The Three Dimensional Drawings are also on exhibit at the Flying Pig Gallery.

PS – – Someone asked why I didn’t mention my time at Pittsburg State University (in Pittsburg, Kansas) in the late seventies.  That was some time ago and still a bright spot in my career!  That was a great time for exploration and learning about Clay, Art and Life!  I saw Marge Schick (the metals prof there who makes the most incredible work – she had a big spread in American Craft several years ago) a couple of years ago when she came up to the Beach Museum in Manhattan, Kansas for her artist’s talk during her one person show there.  So much has happened since then, that it is difficult to include everything!

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