Famous Artist Makes Funtastic Porcelain Works of Art
Which will Amaze and Amuse

Eric Abraham’s Flying Pig Studio and Gallery is located in Downtown Lucas, Kansas. There you will find a variety of fantastic Porcelain Pieces like you've never seen before!

His work ranges from small flying animal ornaments to very large architectural extravaganzas!

At the Studio and Gallery you will also see a series of 3-Dimensional Drawings made from illustration board (a drawing surface mounted on chipboard), pencil, colored pencil, acrylic and whatever it takes to do the job -- making these mostly-autobiographical images pop to life.

Eric Abraham’s work is highly influenced by almost all the highly decorative art forms from the history of art.

Lucas is also the home of the Garden of Eden and the Florafox inc.. Our slogan is: Expect the Unexpected.

To find directions to Lucas, other galleries that display Eric Abraham’s work as well as upcoming shows, click on Where to Find Eric Abraham's Work.

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