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"The Great Fairy Tale Sink and Mirror Set" -- These bathroom sink and mirror sets can be custom made to fit your individual bathroom space. I have done the client's family, environment and pets; as well as mountain scenes, dragons and imaginary scenes or just total swirly Rococo designs. I am open to almost all suggestions, within my aesthetic. Starting price is $7000 for a sink and mirror set, and up - depending on the complexity of design and space. The sinks are very straight forward, plumbing wise, with clear and concise instructions for installation. For these complex pieces, I need complete measurements and photos of the intended space. This "Fairy Tale Sink" is installed in a private residence in Littleton, CO. The client told me he installed it himself with no problem. He also told me he was not particulary a "handy man" type.
Humpty Mirror

The Humpty Mirror is called: "Did Humpty Fall - OR Was He Pushed --- Only The King's Men Know!" These are mirrors which range in size from 18-20 inches tall to up to 5-6 feet tall or wide. The smaller ones start at about $400 and go on up dependent upon size and complexity. Almost any subject can be used, as in the Sink and Mirror sets. A mirror as in the Sink and Mirror sets (similar size and complexity) with lights will start at $3000. For the smaller mirrors - which are not going to be used as "mirrors"; i.e. in the bathroom - I use Plexiglas which is distressed or distorted so that the "mirror" becomes a "reflective wall piece".
A favorite subject for these medium size mirrors is Fairy Tales. I am currently doing one for a law office which has Blind Justice at the top and a full jury, judge, lawyers (all decked out in traditional robes and wigs), the defendant in a too-large suit and "buxom blonde" in the witness box. This one will be approxamently 33inches wide by about 55 inches tall and cost about $1800.
Fire Breathing Dragon
Pieces like the large Dragons (five feet tall by eight feet long) can be yours for about $10,000 installed. Larger for a larger price. (It would be fun to do another Dragon or two like Anita's sometime, before Geezer-hood really sets in.)
Pigs in Space

Pigs In Space

Porcelain with Prismacolor and graphite drawing.
This is sort of in commemoration of the Super Hero radio and early TV programs we listened to and watched in the '40's and '50's. Remember
"Spaaaaaaace Patrol --- !".

Ht. c40" $1500  
Pigs In Space Detail
Pigs In Space Detail 1
Pigs In Space Detail 2
Pigs In Space Detail 3

I accept Discovery, Visa and MasterCard. Smaller pieces require one half down opon commissioning, and for larger pieces I require at least one fourth down, with payments during construction and glazing. The final payment is made just before delivery. Packing and/or shipping is extra. I do not "design down" to a price. Usually, I will do more than I originally planned on to make the piece a Wonderful Piece of Magic Art.



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